Below is the commonly asked questions, if you do not find what you are looking for don’t hesitate to contact us.


How long does it take for a recyclable bag to degrade?

  • Our bags take between 3 – 4 years to degrade

How many times can a bag be re-used

  • Bags can be re-used until damaged, or on average 5 – 6 times.

Are the bags recyclable?

  • No the bags are not recyclable. The bags are made from 96% recyclable material but because there is a biodegradable additive in the bag, this makes it unsuitable to be added to other recyclable material.

What size are the bags?

  • Bags are 24” wide x 43” long (60cm x 105cm long) with gusset

What are bags made from?

  • Bags are made mostly from recycled material, usually 92% then there is around a 2% biodegradable additive added, this additive is Addiflex. 3% makes up the colour and 2 – 3% is virgin material.

How much waste can each bag hold?

  • Each of our bags can hold up to 102 litres or 15kgs of material.

How strong are the bags?

  • The bags are 35mu (micron) / 140 gauge.

If I wanted to print my logo on the bag instead of EcoDepo’s, is this possible?

  • Yes this is possible. The “one off” charge for the plate is £250.  Lead time is 4 – 5 weeks and the minimum order is 10,000 bags (100 boxes).



What are the Deluxe bins made from?

  • The lids are made from 100% virgin material because we cannot source enough of the one coloured recycled material. The base is made from both virgin and ABS recycled material – normally 70% recycled and 30% virgin.

What are the Budget bins made from?

  • Lid and lid base are made from 92% recycled ABS material, 5% virgin material and 3% colour batch.


What are the requirements for a company to become a distributor?

  • We ask that a company takes a minimum order of a 20 foot container and has somewhere to store the contents in order to re-sell.  There is also the option of a 40 foot container.  Companies interested in distributorship must also fill out an application form which allows us to assess their company and their intentions in selling the products.

What is the lead time?

  • Lead time is approximately 6 weeks from receipt of order (2 weeks order time and 4 weeks on the seas to eg Mexico).

What does each container hold?

  • A 40 foot container holds 1256 pods and 140k bags.
  • A 20 foot container holds 522 pods and 64.3k bags.